Book a Group Visit

A group must have at least 25 members, and can have upto 100.
Each batch is 90 min long, and costs ₹ 200 per person.


  • Guided tour of the puppet museum.
  • Experience playing with Hand, String, Shadow and Rod puppets.
  • Watching a puppet show of 15 mins.
Rules and Regulations

We require your pro-active support to safeguard our cultural artifacts, and to keep the premises Sattvik and safe.

Safety and Conduct guidelines:

  • Teachers/staff/parents are responsible for the behaviour and safety of the children at all times (and all ages).
  • For the safety of all visitors and to prevent potential injuries, running or engaging in any other unsafe activities within the cultural centre premises is strictly prohibited. It is the responsibility of teachers and chaperones to diligently supervise and ensure that students adhere to this rule throughout the visit. 

Prohibited Activities:

The following are strictly prohibited inside the venue and within its immediate vicinity:

  • Smoking, vaping or consuming alcohol.
  • Serving meat or meat products.
  • The use, possession, or distribution of any illegal substances or drugs.
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Littering


  • Non-compliance with these rules will result in the immediate cancellation of the visit and forfeiture of any payments made.
  • Proportional fines will be levied to account for damages due to prohibited activities or vandalism.

Dhaatu Puppet Theater and Experiential Center is a collection of traditional and modern puppets from all over India and the world.